Initiative and Leadership

Inspire Others

At Sky Vision we embrace  six leadership attributes. They are:

Chart the course

Inspire others

Set high expectations

Find a way

Deliver results

Live with integrity

Throughout our career at multinational companies, we find that leaders possessing these attributes win the hearts and minds of people. These attributes also distinguish the characteristics between a leader and a manager. Most often individuals with these attributes stand out to be the organizational leaders. In many instances, exhibiting these attributes and exercising leadership does not need titles. At Sky Vision, we nurture and train people to grow these attributes along with their career so that they are naturally embedded in the behaviors.      

What's new?

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Growth and Development

Satisfaction Comes from Continuous Growth

Success does not come to any of us easily. Here we refer less to the definition of success but more about our feelings of success.   

Mindset – It is all about mindset. Our mindset programs our brain and determines our action. It is very important we keep a growth mindset and vision a successful outlook for ourselves. Many times our mindset is confined by factors such as past experience, family background and workplace environment etc. This requires us to constantly challenge ourselves to think out of the box so that our mindset helps us continuously grow as opposed to fix on things that are unchangeable. 

Action – Action trumps everything. We have to put our thoughts and talking into action. No action no growth. No action no result. Only with action can we take ourselves to a journey to our dreams. Action is the reflection of mindset. 

Environment – Environment is one of the critical factors to determine mindset, mood and feelings. Have you ever heard of "if you are not happy, change your environment"? People are the products of their environment. Do a no-nonsense evaluation of your current environment and ask if it is helping and motivating you. Questions can be like "is it sunny enough? does it make me feel motivated? do I meet worldly and open-minded people? do I have deep conversations with these people?  

People - You are who you are close to. You may have heard of that we are the average of the first five people we spend most time with. Make sure you are surrounded by people who are positive, who motivate and inspire you, who challenge you, who not only care about you but are compassionate in helping and contributing to a larger community. 

Risk - We cannot grow without taking risks. Life is an adventure.  Adventure means risk. Security provides us stability but flat stability means little growth. Our personal journey should be comprised of both the desire of seeking security as well as the guts of taking risks. The latter yields a much better result than staying put.