Books that Inspire Us

The Alchemist


This beloved book of Paulo Coelho, a world-acclaimed Brazilian writer has had a life-enhancing impact on millions of people in the world. Life is an adventure. Follow your dreams.  

The Pilgrimage


Paulo Coelho walked the Road to Santiago with his Italian guide in Spain. This book is about self-discovery and "having a great fight" with the "sword" in our hands. It inspires us to overcome fears and find the inner power of ourselves.



Jack Welsh's book provides practical advice for surviving in a corporate world and building a successful career. It is not about winning others but progressing ourselves. 

A Concise History of the Modern World


If you ever read one history book, this William Woodruff's book is the one. Knowing history makes us understand the past, appreciate what we have today and foresee where the world is going. In short, it makes us insightful. 

The Magic Ladder to Success by Nappoleon Hill


 This Napoleon Hill's book is one of the best self-help books in history. The 17 principles it preaches still apply today and will tomorrow. 

How to Win Friends & Influence People


This Dale Carnegie's classic is a must-read. It is about dealing with people. This book is something that you will always need to keep at your side.